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My works are separated by pages that display a range of genre. Whether the works are field sketches or experimentation in my tiny studio, it is the paper that inspires me. Some papers seem to be waiting for just a few brush strokes of the color colors to capture an evening on the coast. Other drawing papers invite simple line drawings of contours or smuges of soft pastel. Some heavy watercolor papers accept a series of intentional folds and cracks that set the composition and vary the surface for application of pastels, watercolor, graphite powder or a combination of these. Wooden skewer may be covered with many color of art tissues and then presented as a bouquet or assembled on a board to capture Canyonlands in the evening. Occasionally I am drawn to a full canvas and creamy oil color and my favorites are quite minimalistic. Like Tuscan cooking, just a very few tools  and a few stokes combine in a pleasing process that avoids extravagance.

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